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Faisal Hanif

 "We all have purposes for our existence. Climbing the corporate ladder, making money, and buying bigger homes don't give us contentment. Actual, and eternal satisfaction comes from making differences in underprivileged children's lives" - Faisal Hanif 

Founding Director


Saiqa Syeda, Ph.D, TEFL, CCDP

Dr. Saiqa Syeda worked in the field of Education and Employment for the last 15 years, managing non-profit and government funded employment projects in Canada and United States. She completed her Ph.D in Political Science, worked as Principal of Minhaj School of Toronto in Canada, and Managing Director of Canadian Women Counseling Center in Vancouver, BC. She recently worked in the field of Immigration and Career Services Project Management in Canada & United States. She is now working as Media Spokesperson for Overseas Pakistani Commission in Canada on honorary basis. Dr. Syeda says, “ Abandoned children are the most deserving class of our society who need support, love, family, respect and social acceptance. USRAH means family and that is what we are trying to provide them through this platform”. I love and live for what I do and It’s an honor and a privilege to work for underprivileged children and provide them a family that they could trust in time of need and adversity”. ONE STRONG FAMILY -  USRAH

Board Director


Shameemah Kalaichelvan

Shameemah, a proud mother of 2 girls is a lovable human being, She likes to be identified as a positive optimistic individual who believes in "Giving to others is giving to yourself". She takes pride in all the roles she has held in her professional life. Currently she is holding a leadership role at a non-profit organization in delivering employment programs to youth and new immigrants to Canada. Shameemah has worked with people from all walks of life and all age groups in various capacities - a Teacher / Instructor, Employment & Career Counsellor, Facilitator, Life skills Coach, Community Support Worker etc. In spite of all great experiences she gained in these roles, Shameemah says, "her fulfillment lies in working with children as she believes they are our future and if rightly guided they can make this world a paradise on earth". 

With this intention, Shameemah has joined hands with USRAH to reach out to young children across the globe to provide the warmth of love and care they deserve. 

Board DIrector


Dr. Malek Moosa

Dr. Malek Moosa is a family physician and pediatrician in Surrey, BC, Canada. More than a family doctor, she served as a social worker for people of Vancouver, BC. Dr. Moosa is an inspirational speaker and a force behind USRAH's humanitarian cause throughout the world. 


Our Team

 Our amazing team of regular and part-time volunteers in Canada, USA & Pakistan are committed to helping children in need. We take our convictions and turn them into action. Think you would be a good fit? Get in touch for more information!